Who We Are

Telemarketers. You Report Them. We Stop Them.
Stefan Coleman
Lawyer and Founder of ReportTelemarketer.com
Who is Stefan?

Over the last eight years, Stefan Coleman has dedicated his legal mind to stopping hundreds of telemarketing companies from harassing individuals (and has succesfully put money in the hands of consumers for their troubles).

Stefan has taken on and defeated some of the largest companies in the country for their illegal telemarketing practices. He continues to bring this same skill and tenacity to stop companies from violating the privacy rights of consumers who are bombarding consumers with unwanted calls and text messages.

Assembling The Team

Stefan has assembled a team of top investigators, researchers, and lawyers to stop telemarketers and companies from illegally calling or texting people.

The researchers and investigators work to track down the telemarketers. The legal team files cease and desist letters and formal complaints against telemarketers and companies who are making illegal calls, often helping individuals recover money when possible, for the illegal calls they have received.

Stefan and his team have some of the most experience in this field, stopping and helping consumers recover money from telemarketers.

Getting Results

For over eight years, Stefan Coleman’s team has stopped and successfully recovered money for consumers against telemarketers and companies calling individuals without their consent.

Stefan has successfully litigated some of the most important cases against telemarketers in the country to stop companies and telemarketers from sending consumers unwanted text messages, faxes, and autodialed and pre-recorded calls without their consent.

It is our goal to stop the unwanted calls and text messages you are receiving, and to help you recover money from telemarketers and companies making calls and text messages to you without your consent.​ There is no cost to you for our services.

Did You Receive a Call or Text from a Telemarketer?