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Telephone Consumer Protection Law

The TCPA is an important law that was enacted in 1991 by Congress to protect you from telemarketers that are illegally calling you.

The TCPA empowers us to enforce the law against telemarketers for calling you without your written consent.

By reporting on our site, we will use the TCPA as a tool to stop telemarketers calling you. In some cases, we can collect money for you from the telemarketers who are illegally calling you, at no cost to you.

What Type of Calls Are illegal?

Text messages sent to you without your written consent.

Pre-recorded calls sent to your landline or cell phone without your written consent.

Autodialed calls to your cell phone without your written consent.

Any calls, texts or faxes you receive after asking the company to stop.

How Much Can I Get?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) provides for consumers to recover $500 per call or text from the company that called or texted you illegally.

In practice, each case and amount we can recover varies based on the strength of your claim.

Our main goal working with any consumer is to first get the calls stopped. Then, we will do our best to recover any money we can for you from the telemarketer, but we cannot guarantee any outcome.

You never pay us any money out of pocket for our services so you have nothing to lose.

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