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Are you receiving unwanted text messages from from their shortcode 59224?

If you have received a similar text message with a link that forwards you to from the shortcode 59224 or other phone numbers and want to report them – email us at is a trading alert service for stock trading that sends out text messages from shortcodes like the one above.

As part of its marketing efforts, provides a free trial of its services. As part of that service, it sends out automated text message solicitation and alerts.

Unfortunately, there are many people complaining that they are receiving these text messages even though have tried to opt-out or they never signed up in the first place.

There are numbers complaints on the BBB about people who have received these text messages even though they never signed up and from people who tried to cancel but continue to receive these text messages.

We are currently investigating whether to bring a case against RagingBull for sending out these text messages that may violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). The TCPA protects consumers from receiving unsolicited text messages and a consumer may be able to collect $500 for each unwanted text message (if the consumer never gave consent or revoked their consent).

If you have received any unsolicited text messages from and want to report them, we will investigate your report.


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Did You Receive a Call or Text from a Telemarketer?